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VizUp Optimizer Ultimate Home and Student

VizUp is designed for optimization of complex 3D models (CAD/CAE systems) for real-time visualization
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31 May 2012

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3D modelling is the future as it portrays images in their sharpest and most realistic form which is rivaled by no other. VizUp Optimizer Ultimate Home and Student 4.5.7 helps the user in achieving the best possible 3D render they have in mind. It optimizes and perfects the complex 3D models available to the user for increasing its visual appeal as well as setting it a whole new standard apart. In doing so it allows the optimized 3D models to become ready for real time visualization, thus bringing forth true 3D glory in all its splendor. It helps the user to basically create and edit 3D models with total and utter finesse which would reward them with success and self satisfaction.

There are many features present in the VizUp Optimizer software which help in reduction and optimization of 3D models. The tools provide enhanced control over the 3D model’s visual appeal and quality. It allows the achievement of fine quality optimization and polygon reduction which when compared to manual designers work looks amazing. It supports Wavefront OBJ, VRML 2.0/97 and StereoLitho (.STL) file formats. The option to create and bring to life whole and complete ranges of products related to a company without having to remodel them is phenomenal. It also allows the user to put to use existing CAD data for new 3D presentations along with training scenarios. It aims at helping industrial designers who work with manufacturing industries as this gives them the chance to work and bring forth excellence in their work structure and routine.

VizUp Optimizer can bring 3D models to life and creates a world which is closer to our reality thus creating a connection between us and our digital selves. For bringing this wonderful and amazing world of technology closer to us, this software gains a score of 3.5 out of 5. So get started to create your very own polished 3D models and show it off to the world.

Publisher's description

VizUp Ultimate is designed for optimization of complex 3D models (CAD/CAM/CAE systems and others) for real-time visualization. It is a 3D reduction and optimization tool that speeds rendering and provides enhanced control over a 3D model's visual quality. The product allows you to achieve the finest quality in optimization and polygon reduction, which can be compared to manual work of a designer. Supports Wavefront .OBJ, VRML 2.0/97 and StereoLitho (.STL) file formats.
VizUp's revolutionary reducing technology makes it possible for manufacturing companies to bring complete product ranges to life on the internet - with no remodelling required. This unique technology is allowing companies to utilize existing CAD-data for 3D product presentations or for virtual training scenarios.
VizUp Ultimate is a software specially developed to meet needs Industrial Designers within the manufacturing industry. By using VizUp designer can evaluate the design concept in real time. Designers can evaluate different design alternatives and freely rotate the product together as well zoom in on specific details. This can all be accomplished with the same visual quality that today is realized with the assistance of renderings.

There's no parameters tuning necessary to process highly optimized reduction algorithms. This significantly reduces 3D file size and download time. It offers support for the VRML format. VizUp will bring your products to life in the real-time visualization directly from existing CAD-data!
You will discover a unique option - "Quality reduction", which allows you to use all the capacity of our technology to achieve the best results. You get a low-poly model that retains the visual fidelity of a high-poly model. VizUp Batch Mode saves time of a highly-paid specialist, who creates industrial or architectural real-time presentations, or builds 3D models for industrial systems of virtual reality.
VizUp Optimizer Ultimate Home and Student
VizUp Optimizer Ultimate Home and Student
Version 4.5.7
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